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Are you ready for the 73rd anniversary of the Victory?

Inflatable figures and decor by May 9

Very soon Victory Day, which means that salutes will be heard in the cities, military parades will take place. However, a grand show for some, a puzzle unfolds for others - how to decorate May 9?

Perhaps, this question does not have a definite answer, just as there are a lot of options and offers on the market. Meanwhile, spectacular design can be achieved with the help of inflatable structures for May 9th . Due to the fact that the products are easy to embody the most daring and beautiful ideas of festive decoration. For example, do you often meet: a tank in real size, or a soldier two meters high with an automatic weapon at the ready, and which, when blown away, are placed in a bag? Probably not. This is only possible with inflatable figures! And this is just a little bit of the possibilities of pneumo-construction.

And in this sense, there is something to look at and what to buy! Stylized arch at the entrance to the event, spectacular - imitation of the flame, flowers and a stand with a star in the hall or on the site where the celebrations are held. Finally, a mobile stage for congratulatory speeches and patriotic speeches of creative groups. Moreover, they will be able to attract the audience from a distance, painted in tricolor or in the festive style of aeromena.

To the joy of the organizers, these types of products can be purchased in other cities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.