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Limbo - dance players, the game of dancers!

New attraction Limbo

Limbo is both a dance and a game at the same time. "Dance" - because the music and the incendiary movements of the participants is an integral part of this fun. It is important not just to go under the bar, but to make it more rhythmically and beautifully.

Limbo is called a game for a competitive moment, which is certainly present here. As they lower the bar, participants are eliminated, and the most dexterous and flexible wins. For a hot summer evening, there is no better entertainment!

If one of these evenings you have planned a significant event, also pay attention to the section "Inflatable structures in stock ." In our warehouse there are always a lot of finished products for a variety of purposes: for holiday decoration, team building, organizing business on trampolines or attractions. Availability information is constantly updated and always relevant!