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Clap your hands, fill the shopping bag - with our new attractions!

"Ladoshki" is a fascinating game, mobile and informative at the same time. To start it, you need quite a bit - a platform on which soft plates with numbers will be located, and a certain number of participants who will dress in special numbered costumes that look like palms. Further, too, everything is simple: the leader utters simple mathematical tasks; Participants must solve them and "show" their answer by reaching the plate with the required number and standing on it. Who first did it, he won!

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Such competitions can be held between individual participants (in fact, to identify them, each costume has its own number) and entire teams. So that you can purchase the right amount of costumes and plates for you, the “Ladoshki” attraction is presented in several configuration options.

Our other novelty is the Costume Bag. The name of this attraction speaks for itself. Wearing a suit of elastic fabric, the player turns into a walking dimensionless "bag". Usually the string bag is simply filled with balloons. The winner in this game is the most "thrifty" participant. Although it is possible to complicate the task - for example, with the help of the same balls, give the costume some form, and after, for the sake of laughter, burst the entire contents.

Our new rides are great for team building and cultural events. They, as always, high-quality, durable and multifunctional. Hurry up to try the new items!