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Special prices for inflatable structures for Victory Day!

On the eve of Victory Day - one of the most significant holidays for every Russian - I especially want people on every site, in every village or city to be inspired by the beauty around them. Following this good goal, we set special prices for our most popular, bright thematic inflatable figures: Inflatable figure "Soldier" 2.5 m - 47,200 rubles! Inflatable flower "Carnation" 1.5 m - 22,400 r.! Inflatable arch "Victory" 5x3 m - 30 000 p.! The composition of the "Victory Day" - 93 400 p.!

As you can see, it is possible to decorate adequately on May 9 for much smaller money. And in less time, because the products participating in the promotion are available in our warehouse!

The offer is limited. Check with your company staff for details.