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Solid pros or exhibition failed

Results of the RAAPA EXPO exhibition

To mark the full range of production capabilities, we brought to the exhibition a completely diverse product: a small inflatable stage and several team rides, dancing aeromen and a unique panel of inflatable colors, two mini-copies of inflatable trampolines and an entire composition to the Victory Day from the arch, an inflatable figure, installations of imitation of a flame and inflatable bouquet. As a result, among the numerous stands, large and not very much, the exposition of AEROMIRA stood out noticeably. All three days of the exhibition, we noted the great interest in the presented products from industry experts and ordinary visitors.

The organizers also paid attention to our products: according to the results of the exhibition, AEROMIR was awarded a diploma for significant contribution to the development of the Russian entertainment industry.

As practice has shown, the decision to participate in the exhibition was not for nothing. We gained useful experience, found new partners and attracted potential customers. Thanks to the organizers and guests of the event for this opportunity!