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The holiday will be brighter, or the new products of AEROMIRA!

We make imitation of a flame and aerofontana

Being a production company, AEROMIR can afford to take on the most difficult orders, develop non-standard pneumatic constructions "for the future", experiment with products we already love. Those of the projects that are tested by the market, "demand" and exploitation, we translate into serial production. So in our assortment there is a new product, which we hope helps you beautifully decorate various events.

So it happened this time too - with imitation of a flame and air fountains . More recently, AEROMIR produced the first samples of this new stage equipment for us at the request of one of the municipal institutions. Then - already on the recommendation - a few more. And now the production technology has been developed and a whole line of these products has been launched, with various options for size, color and lighting. So now you can complete the acquired inflatable scene with not only aeromenes and inflatable flowers, but also installations imitating fascinating movements of fire and water.

As for the inflatable costumes, their "AEROMIR" has been released for a long time. However, the increase in the number of such orders in recent months has inspired us to seriously develop this direction. Therefore, from now on, we will design and publish on the website not only already manufactured products, but also new models. We hope that this will be a good help for those who face difficulties in describing the required type of product or drawing a sketch. Who knows, perhaps among our offers you will see exactly what they wanted.