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Sports Attractions

Sports rides for fun adults and children, as well as for advertising your object

Often, summer and winter festivities, children's activities are accompanied by playful starts and games. Organizers of all levels try to entertain the participants and the public by making the event perky and fun. And every time, AeroMir does not pass by these fascinating events, offering a wide range of sports attractions.

Products from the category sports attractions

In stock
Giant gloves Giant gloves Yellow giant gloves
7 100
Sizes, m: 0,6 х 0,5 х 0,5
Execution option: Adult
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In stock
Pillow Fighting Pillow Fighting Fighting on pillows red and blue
8 000
Diameter, m: 0,5
Height, m: 0,2
Number of players: 2
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In stock
Koltsebros - cactus Hoops with hoops Ringbros hermetic product
34 900
In stock
Green Runner Bag Orange Run Bag Running Bags
2 300
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In stock
Sleeve sleeve Red sleeve tunnel Tunnel sleeve for children
4 900
In stock
Giant diapers two pairs Yellow Giant Pampers Giant diapers on the clasps
6 400
Sizes, m: 0,8 х 0,6 х 0,3
Execution option: Premium
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In stock
Giant hockey for two Giant ice hockey stick Sealed Giant Hockey
26 800
In stock
Hot Potatoes with Balls Hot Potato Attraction Hot Potatoes for Gaming
49 400
54 900
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Jumping gallop Soft module Jump-Jump Sports equipment Jump-Jump
13 900
Length, m: 3,7
Width, m: 0,4
Height, m: 0,1 - 0,2
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Kit Fighting SUMO with giga glove Fighting SUMO for team games Fighting SUMO for any age
51 900
Sizes, m: 1,3 х 1,2 х 0,4
Number of players: 2
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Inflatable darts for competitions Black Inflatable Darts Inflatable Velcro Dartboard
53 000
Diameter, m: мишень ⌀ 2,5 м.
Height, m: 3 м.
Width, m: 2,5 м.
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Гладиатор с бабуками Gladiator Attraction Swapping Комплект Гладиатор
75 000
Sizes, m: 4 х 4 х 1
Number of players: 2
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Sledochki Soft module Sledochki Soft Sledochki
1 850
Length, m: 1,7
Width, m: 0,4
Height, m: 0,03
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Giant diapers economy Giant Orange Pampers Giant Velcro Diapers
4 300
Sizes, m: 0,7 х 0,5 х 0,1
Execution option: Economy
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Caterpillar (Economy) foam rubber Caterpillar (Economy) PVC
5 700
Execution option: Economy
Diameter, m: 10
Width, m: 0,6
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Toffee for two Toffee for games Competition Toffee
8 000
Sizes, m: 2,4 х 0,6 х 0,3
Number of players: 2
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Giant Running Shoes Giant boots for team building One pair of giant boots
8 100
8 500
Sports module Ring Soft module Ring Ring
9 800
Length, m: 1
Width, m: 1
Height, m: 1
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Caterpillar for kids Pair of caterpillars Caterpillar for urban relay
9 900
Execution option: Premium
Diameter, m: 10
Width, m: 0,6
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Relay boat Boat for three Boat set
13 700
Sizes, m: 2,2 х 0,6 х 0,4
Number of players: 3
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Modular hill "Rollers" Soft modular slide "Rollers" Hill "Rollers"
19 600
Length, m: 1,8
Width, m: 0,9
Height, m: 0,6
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Бильярдбол Аттракцион для команды Бильярдбол Бильярдбол
75 100
Sizes, m: 6 х 5 х 1,8
Number of players: 2
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Mass holiday festivities and children's activities would not be so cheerful and perky, without using the organizers of sports attractions. At any time of the year and in any place, they have become simply indispensable helpers at events.

Choose and buy rides, invent games and their rules, and we will take care of equipping the important date with equipment for the important date! Our range includes interesting and functional equipment for various relays, equipment for small and large teams.

Sports equipment from AeroMira is compact and lightweight structures that can be folded and laid out, moved from holiday to holiday, absolutely, without thinking about any difficulties.

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